Kekova Yacht Charter

Kekova Yacht Charter

Kekova Yacht Charter

Kekova Yacht Charter

Kekova Yacht Turkey’s most beautiful bays of the Greek islands and is an excellent option to see the tourist areas with mysterious coves and historic importance. Thanks to Blue Tours holiday makers, where some of the different routes that can be reached only from the sea, they had the opportunity to reach areas not connected with the highway. Kekova Boat Tour is one of these alternative routes.

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Kekova Yacht Charter
Kekova Yacht Charter

  Kekova, Antalya’s Demre district in the face of remaining connected Kaleköy and Üçağız is an island destination and date, and attracted the attention of local and foreign tourists for its natural beauty. Kaleköy and Kekova is done via a single access to the sea. Therefore you see the pristine beauty compared to many tourism regions of amazes.

Kekova Yacht


Kaleköy, is built on the ancient city of Simena. Simena, have achieved so far and the turquoise waters of the sea with sunken city preserved today still offers a unique view overlooking the castle. Kekova is an ideal spot for diving enthusiasts, diving is not permitted because of the special circumstances surrounding the ancient sunken city. Lycian rock tombs and sarcophagi various unspoiled land is outstanding. This historical values found in lush fields, looking in dark blue waters by the village.

Kekova Yacht Charter

  Kekova Boat Tour St. Nicholas near the (Santa Claus), where the ruins of the ancient city of Myra and Theimiussa that survive can have the opportunity to visit Üçağız. Kekova and browsing with blue round, especially given that the environment is a magnificent atmosphere of peace and calm of the cessation admire him

Kekova Yacht Charter: A Journey Through History and Serenity

Nestled along the mesmerizing Turquoise Coast of Turkey, Kekova offers an idyllic setting for a yacht charter adventure. This enchanting region boasts a rich historical legacy, crystal-clear waters, and secluded bays. In this blog post, we will guide you through the captivating experience of a Kekova yacht charter, exploring the remarkable destinations, the process of renting a yacht, the types of yachts available, and the pricing options.

Destinations to Explore:
A Kekova yacht charter presents an opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural and cultural wonders of this region. Some of the key destinations you can visit during your charter include:

Kekova Island: This island is home to the renowned Sunken City, an ancient Lycian city partially submerged in the sea. Snorkeling or diving in the area allows you to marvel at the intriguing ruins beneath the crystal-clear waters.

Simena (Kaleköy): Visit the picturesque village of Simena, crowned by a Byzantine castle overlooking the sea. Explore its charming narrow streets, enjoy panoramic views, and savor traditional Turkish cuisine in local restaurants.

Ucagiz (Theimussa): Ucagiz is a tranquil fishing village with a delightful harbor, where you can witness the traditional way of life. Stroll along the waterfront, interact with friendly locals, and admire the beautiful scenery.

Tersane Bay: Discover the fascinating ruins of a Byzantine shipyard, which lend their name to this bay. Relax in the peaceful surroundings, swim in the azure waters, and enjoy the serene ambiance.

Renting a Yacht:
To embark on a Kekova yacht charter, you can follow these steps to rent a yacht for your group:

Choose a reputable charter company: Research and select a reliable charter company that specializes in Kekova yacht charters. Look for their expertise, fleet quality, customer reviews, and adherence to safety standards.

Determine your requirements: Consider the size of your group, desired duration of the charter, and specific amenities you prefer. This information will help the charter company recommend suitable yacht options.

Consult with the charter company: Reach out to the Platin Yachting charter company to discuss your requirements. We will guide you through the available yachts, itinerary possibilities, and answer any questions you may have.

Select your yacht: Based on your preferences and budget, choose a yacht that suits your needs. Consider factors such as size, cabin arrangements, onboard facilities, and overall comfort.

Types of Yachts:
Kekova yacht charters offer a range of yacht options, accommodating different group sizes and preferences. Some common types of yachts you may find for charter include:

Gulets: Traditional Turkish wooden sailing yachts, equipped with modern amenities, spacious decks, and comfortable cabins. Gulets are known for their elegance and provide a classic sailing experience.

Motor Yachts: Modern and sleek, motor yachts offer speed, luxury, and exceptional comfort. They feature spacious interiors, large deck spaces, and advanced navigational systems.

Catamarans: Ideal for those seeking stability and spaciousness, catamarans provide generous living spaces, multiple cabins, and excellent stability for a smooth sailing experience.

The prices for Kekova yacht charters vary depending on factors such as the size and type of yacht, duration of the charter, season, and additional services requested. As of 2023, a one-week Kekova yacht charter typically ranges from €7,000 to €30,000 and above, depending on the yacht category and chosen amenities.

A Kekova yacht charter offers a remarkable journey through history, natural beauty, and tranquility along Turkey’s stunning Turquoise Coast. Exploring destinations like Kekova Island, Simena, Ucagiz, and Tersane Bay will transport you to a world of serenity and cultural marvels. Renting a yacht involves choosing a reputable charter company, determining your requirements, and selecting the perfect yacht for your group. Whether you opt for a gulet, motor yacht, or catamaran, your Kekova yacht charter promises an unforgettable experience. So, set sail and embrace the magic of Kekova’s captivating allure.

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